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OPINION: Why Kenzo for tourism Ambassador is a wrong choice

OPINION: Why Kenzo for tourism Ambassador is a wrong choice


Today (September 1st), Uganda’s tourism officials unveiled Mr Edirisa Musuuza AKA Eddy Kenzo, one of the county’s renowned and most decorated musicians and our new tourism ambassador.

Kenzo who was recently in a similar role for Kenya replaces former Miss Uganda and Miss World Africa, Quinn Abenakyo, together with socialites Zari Hassan and Anita Fabiola.


Kenzo for tourism Ambassador is a wrong choice for the sector at this point in time when we need to make the best marketing decisions in order to re-position Uganda as a preferred tourism destination for both the domestic and international markets.


Kenzo has overtime publically taken political sides, a move which has made him controversial. Currently the industry doesn’t need a controversial person as its goodwill ambassador. We need a unifying factor that everyone will be happy to identify themselves with.


The tourism industry needs a figure that has recent achievements which can be aligned with the current times to create hope for the future.


The Tourism industry needs a figure who has both— locally and internationally— been trending for the best reasons amidst the pandemic.


The tourism industry needs a figure who doesn’t only command audience but can also talk Tourism and the crowds that believe in Uganda as a tourism destination will follow.


For a few months now, domestic tourism has been going on and Kenzo hasn’t at any one time identified himself with the sector yet he was appointed a tourism ambassador still some time back. In these times he hasn’t influenced the sector in that direction. However we have had individual tourism campaigns which have been a success to domestic tourism without government support. Even for the domestic market, he won’t impact because he doesn’t believe in tourism.


None of this is meant to downplay Kenzo’s contribution to this country but he isn’t fit to be a tourism Ambassador right now. We need better!


Tourism is an important sector to this country not only as the highest foreign exchange earner but also employs hundreds of Ugandans most of whom are currently unemployed.

I urge the minister of tourism to re-think his decision for the future of Uganda’s tourism industry.

The writer is a local tourism consultant.

Names withheld on writer’s request.


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