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President Museveni; Uganda has lost 1.6 billion in tourism earnings due to COVID-19


During the Presidential address yesterday His Excellence President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said that the country has lost 1.6 billion dollars from the effects of COVID-19 on the Tourism Industry.


Tourism in Uganda contributes 7.7 percent of the countries national GDP and 6.7 percent of the total national employment after creating over 700,000 jobs.


“Uganda will lose 1.6 billion dollars per annum from the loss of tourism” the President revealed.


The annual tourism sector performance report for financial year 2018/19 reported that Uganda collected around 2 billion dollars.


A few weeks back the Uganda Hotel Owners Association [UHOA] headed by Susan Muhwezi urged the government to provide them with support in this pandemic.


“We are lobbying the finance ministry for tax relief for the duration of the pandemic and we are requesting their cooperation in ways to provide relief to the hospital and tourism industry”


The Ministry of Tourism, UHOA, Ministry of Finance, Bank of Uganda and the Uganda Revenue Authority are in discussing a stimulus package for hotels.


World wide the Tourism industry is one that has been hardly hit and will take a while to recover.




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Ms Pamela Amia is a Multimedia Journalist, Conservationist and traveler.


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